Senior Living

Senior living

Hosflex Senior Living is founded to support operators and investors in the Senior Living sector who are working to meet the needs of people over 65 who want to live in a community according to their needs at each stage of their lives and maintain as much independence as possible at each stage of the ageing process. Spain has become a reference location for this type of real estate projects and related initiatives.

The needs of persons over 65 of age have changed considerably over the last few decades. Far from being a passive and totally dependent collective, they are persons who have specific needs at each moment of their lives. From individuals who enjoy good physical and intellectual capacity, who do not want to give up their autonomy and who wish to continue to participate actively in society, to seniors who already require more specific and personalized care while maintaining maximum interaction with the rest of their society.

At Hosflex Senior Living we currently identify several solutions for Senior Living:
  •  Senior Living - Residencia Senior
  •  Senior Living – Independent Assisted
  •  Senior Living – CoHousing
  •  Senior Living – CoLiving
  •  Senior Living – Senior Resorts
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