At Hosflex Hospitality we are aware that the hospitality industry is a very dynamic sector that is constantly changing to exceed the expectations of its guests. That is why innovation is a priority for Hosflex Hospitality. We are always on the lookout for new products and services that can meet and even exceed the changing expectations of our clients’ hotel and restaurant guests.

Changes in guest desires and preferences, new technologies, the rise of generations such as Millennials and Generation Z as an important segment of the travel and leisure market, changes in travel patterns and the entrepreneurial nature of the hospitality industry mean that the physical and service standards of what defines a hotel or restaurant at its most basic level have expanded far beyond the traditional concept of hotels and restaurants as “buildings for sleeping or eating”

A number of factors have triggered recent innovations in the sector and in the way hotels are defined and chosen:

  • Technology and the rise of smart hotels.
  • The impact of internet marketing and distribution
  • Sophisticated consumers want a hotel to connect with their community.
  • Combining business and leisure travel (Bleisure)
  • Impact of the collaborative economy
  • Growth of boutique, lifestyle and soft branded hotels
  • Wellness becomes fashionable
  • Experiential travel
  • The collaborative economy meets hotels
  • Co-working team up with hotels
  • Pop-up hotels
  • Innovation creates new legal and regulatory challenges
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